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Welcome To Our Website Medical Sutures

Holding it together. That's what our sutures do.

Here at Medical Sutures, we stock many well-known brands at wholesale and bulk buy prices we and have a selection of several gauges, colours and uses of medical sutures for sale so you have lots to choose from. Some companies only sell cheap sutures, but we sell only quality sutures online.

We also have all the associated kit that you may need when using the sutures, such as dressings, adhesives, stapling devices, instruments, gloves, wipes and disinfectants.

We offer both cheap Vicryl rapide sutures for sale to use in the emergency department and tougher non-absorbable sutures for long-term wound support.

So, let’s take a look here. If you’re looking to buy medical sutures online, check us out. The site range includes:

Buy Absorbent Dressings

Johnsons Interceed and Spongostan absorbent dressings for various medical uses.


Dermabond topical adhesives and skin closure systems.


A choice of two defibrillators: one cannula and one power cord. Because you never know when you will need them, even if your crash team is on the way.

Disposable Surgical Instruments 

All sorts of single-use disposable surgical instruments from Johnson & Johnson.

General Medical Surgical Equipment

White, red, blue and yellow 45cm monofilament Ethiloops by Johnson & Jonhson.

Buy Laparoscopic Consumables

A selection of laparoscopic consumables of all types and sizes.

Stapling Devices

Sometimes staples are better than sutures.

We Also Have For Sale

Various other medical equipment from leading manufacturers.

Surgical Instrument Sets

Hysteroscopes and light cables.

Surgical Instruments

Blades, needles, laparoscopic devices and more.

Buy Ethicon and Ethibond Sutures Here

We stock the full range of Ethibond & Ethicon sutures, from Vicryl Rapide quickly absorbable sutures to the more expensive sutures needed for cardiovascular surgical work. More details can be found below.

We sell many brands of quality sutures at cheap prices including, Prolene, Vicryl, Stratafix, Ethicon and Ethibons sutures all at wholesale prices.

Wound Closure Products For  Sale

A selection of surgical patches and mesh products for wound closure such as Ethiozorb, Proceed, Ultrapro and Physiomesh. Our range includes patches, bags and plugs.

Buy Wound Management Products

Surgicel, Biopatch, Veraseal and Evicel ranges, plus nylon tape in various widths.

Sterile Disposable Gloves

Powder-free sterile latex, nitrile and polyisoprene gloves in a variety of sizes.

Sterile Wipes

Clinell 2% alcoholic disinfection wipes.

Cleanroom Disinfectant

Contec Prochlor hypochlorous acid, 1 lire spray or 5 litre can.

As stated, we stock the full range of Ethibond sutures for you to buy. It’s worth going into some details about these. The type and grade of suture needed will vary by procedure, patient age and even by the gravity of the injury.

Vicryl sutures are synthetic and absorbable. They are coated with polyglactin and can be used in general soft tissue surgery including ophthalmic procedures. Vicryl Rapide sutures can be absorbed faster than any other suture in the Ethicon range, making them the best choice for closure of superficial wounds where there are no complications and quick healing is expected.

Cheap vicryl sutures to buy can be used in accident and emergency departments to repair lacerations and shallow cuts.

Because they are absorbable, aftercare is simpler. There is no difference in the type of scar left if the vicryl option is used instead of nylon non-absorbable sutures. So you can save money when you buy cheap vicryl sutures instead of more expensive options.

Vicryl Rapide sutures are better suited for paediatric laceration repair, due to their simplicity and speed of absorption.

Vicryl sutures are not suitable for use in closing cardiovascular or neurological tissue, however. For that, you will need polyester, nylon or silk sutures, which are non-absorbable.

Monocryl Sutures For Sale

Monocryl sutures are available in violet and clear options. Monocryl sutures are absorbable monofilament sutures often used for subcutaneous facial wound closure.

Ethibond Excel polyester sutures are braided and dyed bright green to help visibility. Unlike vicryl rapide sutures, these can be used in cardiovascular and neurological surgery as well as ophthalmic procedures.

Alternatively, if you need to buy polyester sutures, you could consider using Mersilene polyester fibre sutures. These are non-absorbable, sterile and braided.

Nylon sutures from Ethilon and Nurolon are both suitable for use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological surgery.

Perma-hand silk sutures are another option for closing cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological surgical incisions. They are non-absorbable.

PDS II sutures are general surgical sutures that can be used in orthopaedic, gastrointestinal and paediatric cardiovascular procedures.

Prolene polypropylene sutures, available in blue or undyed options, are non-absorbable but can be left safely deep within the body indefinitely. They can also be removed if used on the surface of the skin.

Surgical stainless-steel sutures can be used for abdominal, intestinal, hernia and skin closure. They require the use of a Roto-Grip or SCC needle, which is supplied with the sutures.

The Stratafix wholesale range of sutures and tissue control devices are barbed and use anchors to stay fixed in soft tissue. This eliminates the need for knots, these sutures arent cheap but this is because they are great quality.

Dermabond skin adhesive is used to bond wound edges together. It is suitable for use on incisions or lacerations which would otherwise require 5-0 sutures or smaller. Prineo skin closure dressings use a mesh and liquid system to promote steady healing.

Except for stainless steel sutures and when performing cardiovascular surgery, Ethicon suture needles can be used with all these sutures.

For cardiovascular surgery, Everpoint silicone-coated cardiovascular needles offer better performance.

Buy Sutures Online With Us

Consultants often have preferences regarding their surgical kit. They will specify glove size, scrub and footwear size, even the size of needle or suture they prefer to use for a particular procedure.

They do not usually buy medical sutures themselves, and the surgery they perform may limit their choice. Buyers should have a range of suppliers they can call on to source particular items, in case of supply or delivery issues, consultant preference or patient requirements.

Costs are rising for every single industry, and that includes medical and surgical supplies for hospitals.

If you’re a hospital administrator managing the budget and ordering of supplies for your medical team then you are facing many challenges. Not only do you have to stay within a tight budget, but you also need to please your surgical team.

Imagine having to explain to the surgeons that the requisite medical sutures are not available for their patients!

The good news is that you can still find surgical sutures for sale at a cheap price, and satisfy your team’s desired Ethicon surgical sutures supplier needs.

Is Medical Sutures UK an Online Store?

Yes, the Medical Sutures UK company sells medical stitches from a wide range of surgical suture suppliers, along with various other medical supplies.

You purchase directly from this online shop that’s been in business for a number of years. It’s a direct store, not an affiliate site that takes you to different shop links. You are shopping directly from one supplier of medical supplies sutures.

Your payment details will be kept safe and secure. You can even order from a wide range of medical supplies so you can save on shipping. Delivery is within a reasonable timeframe, and if you have any issues, the customer service team is ready and waiting to help provide assistance.

Why You Need to Shop from a Reputable Source

You’re kept busy running a surgical department. While you can probably get the department’s money back if you have an order go wrong, you’ll lose time and may experience a medical stitches shortage while you wait. That’s why it’s extremely important to shop from a reputable online supplier of medical sutures. You don’t have time to waste when future patients are in need of wound care or surgery.

Where to Buy Dissolvable Stitches?

You can buy dozens of different types of medical sutures, varying in width, length, type, brand, and even non-dissolvable or dissolvable.

You can find everything you need here on our Medical Sutures UK website, even if you need to buy dissolvable stitches or the regular type. You can add to your online order to shop for all types.

Most medical teams have a wide range of medical sutures on hand. Each type of wound or internal organ surgery requires a different type of suture.

It’s important for surgeons to utilise the correct type for each specific procedure, which increases the success rate of the surgery for the patient, and also encourages healthy tissue growth, and the avoidance of infections.

If you’re ready to save your surgical or medical department some money, then head to our Medical Sutures UK website today.

You can quickly shop for all the medical stitches and medical equipment that your department requires.

Soon your order will be arriving, so you can keep your medical team happy, and your surgical department well-stocked, while staying within budget.

Our huge range of medical sutures for sale offer all types of sutures and the associated kit aims to meet most needs. From cheap Vicryl sutures to specialist cardiovascular non-absorbable sutures, there is a wide choice if you choose to buy medical sutures from us.

Why not buy sutures online at wholesale prices with a trade discount?

You can buy gynecare sutures, cheap wholesale proline sutures, and cheap vicryl sutures for sale at trade and wholesale prices today.

Check out some of our most popular sutures which you can buy at  UK wholesale prices.