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Ethicon Sutures

  • PVML1 VYPRO MESH 30X30CM £388.76 (£466.51 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031085661 VYPRO I MESH
  • PVMM1 VYPRO MESH 15X15CM £167.69 (£201.23 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031085678 VYPRO I MESH
  • PVPM PROCEED VENTRAL PATCH £907.53 (£1089.04 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031132402 PROCEED VENTRAL PATCH
  • PVPS PROCEED VENTRAL PATCH £767.91 (£921.49 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031132419 PROCEED VENTRAL PATCH
  • E4103S PERMA-HAND SILK SUTURE £104.39 (£125.27 inc VAT) SILK / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072811 BLACK, BRAIDED, 1XSKI-22 VB, 2-0, 20CM
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • E6102S ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £110.73 (£132.88 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072828 WHITE, BRAIDED, 1XSKI-22 VB, 2-0, 20CM
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • E6193G ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £59.36 (£71.23 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072859 ETHIBOND EXCEL, braided, white, 2-0, 90cm, 1xTaperpoint , 22mm, SKI, 12
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • E6194G ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £101.25 (£121.50 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031239627 WHITE, BRAIDED, 1XSKI-22 VB, 0, 90CM
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • E6984H ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £127.10 (£152.52 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031093267 GRN 75CM M3 GAUGE 2-0 TO 2
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • E7396H ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £193.08 (£231.70 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 4-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031093281 GRN 90CM M1.5 GAUGE 5-0, 4-0, 3-0
  • PDS II (polydioxanone) Suture
  • E9103S PDS II (polydioxanone) Suture £228.56 (£274.27 inc VAT) PDS / 3-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072880 VIOLET, MONOFILAMENT, 1XSHT-1 VB, 3-0, 20CM
  • COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture
  • E9902S COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture £142.56 (£171.07 inc VAT) VICRYL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072903 VIOLET, BRAIDED, 1XSHT-1 VB, 2-0, 20CM
  • COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture
  • E9903S COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture £141.87 (£170.24 inc VAT) VICRYL / 3-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072910 VIOLET, BRAIDED, 1XSHT-1 VB, 3-0, 20CM
  • PDS II (polydioxanone) Suture
  • EA12 PDS II (polydioxanone) Suture £233.30 (£279.96 inc VAT) PDS / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072934 VIOLET, MONOFILAMENT, 1XEN-3, 2-0, 110CM
  • COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture
  • EB11 COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture £233.45 (£280.14 inc VAT) VICRYL / 0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072958 VIOLET, BRAIDED, 1XEN-3, 0, 110CM
  • COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture
  • EB12 COATED VICRYL (polyglactin 910) Suture £233.30 (£279.96 inc VAT) VICRYL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031072965 VIOLET, BRAIDED, 1XEN-3, 2-0, 110CM
  • ETHILON Nylon Suture
  • EB5133H ETHILON Nylon Suture £408.06 (£489.67 inc VAT) ETHILON / 7-0 / cuttingGTIN: 30705031093403 BLK 30CM M0.5 GAUGE 8-0, 7-0, 6-0
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • EC11 ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £233.30 (£279.96 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031200597 GREEN, BRAIDED, 1XEN-3, 0, 110CM
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • EC12 ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £233.30 (£279.96 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031200603 GREEN, BRAIDED, 1XEN-3, 2-0, 110CM
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • EC22 ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £229.92 (£275.90 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031073023 GREEN, BRAIDED, 1XEN-4, 2-0, 110CM
  • PROLENE Polypropylene Suture
  • ED12 PROLENE Polypropylene Suture £233.30 (£279.96 inc VAT) PROLENE / 2-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031073030 BLUE, MONOFILAMENT, 1XEN-3, 2-0, 110CM
  • EDP23 ETHISORB DURA-PATCH 2X3CM £1413.71 (£1696.45 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031084473 ETHISORB
  • EDP46 ETHISORB DURA-PATCH 4X6CM £1030.25 (£1236.30 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031084497 ETHISORB
  • EDP614 ETHISORB DURA-PATCH 6X14CM £578.67 (£694.40 inc VAT) GTIN: 20705031084510 ETHISORB
  • EH383E ETHILOOP £148.98 (£178.78 inc VAT) ETHILOOP / 0 / NAGTIN: 30705031084562 RED, MONOFILAMENT, NN, , 45CM
  • EH386 ETHILOOP £37.26 (£44.71 inc VAT) ETHILOOP / 0 / NAGTIN: 20705031084596 WHITE, MONOFILAMENT, NN, , 45CM
  • EH388 ETHILOOP £37.26 (£44.71 inc VAT) ETHILOOP / 0 / NAGTIN: 20705031084619 BLUE, MONOFILAMENT, NN, , 45CM
  • EH389 ETHILOOP £37.26 (£44.71 inc VAT) ETHILOOP / 0 / NAGTIN: 20705031084626 YELLOW, MONOFILAMENT, NN, , 45CM
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • EH6458H ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £270.38 (£324.46 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 3 / NAGTIN: 30705031093861 GRN 2X70CM M6 GAUGE 2- 7
  • ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture
  • EH6459H ETHIBOND EXCEL® Polyester Suture £270.38 (£324.46 inc VAT) ETHIBOND EXCEL / 5 / NAGTIN: 30705031093878 GRN 2X70CM M7 GAUGE 2- 7
  • ETHILON Nylon Suture
  • EH7115BH ETHILON Nylon Suture £95.76 (£114.91 inc VAT) ETHILON / 0 / cuttingGTIN: 30705031239535 BLACK, MONOFILAMENT, 1XPSL, 0, 75CM
  • EH7167H PROLENE POLYPROPYLENE SUTURE £161.18 (£193.42 inc VAT) PROLENE / 4-0 / cuttingGTIN: 30705031095353 blue, monofilament, 1xPS-2 PRIME MP, 4-0, 75cm
  • PROLENE Polypropylene Suture
  • EH7167SLH PROLENE Polypropylene Suture £161.18 (£193.42 inc VAT) PROLENE / 4-0 / cuttingGTIN: 30705031242061 BLUE, MONOFILAMENT, 1XPS-2S PRIME MP, 4-0, 75CM
  • PROLENE Polypropylene Suture
  • EH7222H PROLENE Polypropylene Suture £558.24 (£669.89 inc VAT) PROLENE / 7-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031073047 BLUE, MONOFILAMENT, 2XBV175-8 VB, 7-0, 75CM
  • PROLENE Polypropylene Suture
  • EH7228H PROLENE Polypropylene Suture £314.22 (£377.06 inc VAT) PROLENE / 6-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031095520 75CM M0.7 GAUGE 8-0, 7-0, 6-0
  • PROLENE Polypropylene Suture
  • EH7231H PROLENE Polypropylene Suture £291.17 (£349.40 inc VAT) PROLENE / 5-0 / non cuttingGTIN: 30705031095551 90CM M1 GAUGE 5-0, 4-0, 3-0

Where to Buy UK Ethicon Medical Sutures At Wholesale Prices?

The Ethicon brand has been in business since 1887 and is one of the most trusted brands of sutures available today.
They offer a wide range of cheap Ethicon sutures for sale for wounds and other types of tissue damage. If you’re searching for a reliable source of Ethicon sutures for sale, we offer them here in our Medical Sutures store.
Main Aim of Ethicon UK Sutures
It’s unknown how long doctors have been using sutures to repair injuries and tissue damage, but the earliest record dates back to 1887.
A wound will heal much more quickly when a needle and sutures are used to close and hold the wound together.
The two major instances where a patient may need Ethicon wound closure are when they’ve been in a bad accident and have a large cut on their skin, or when they’re undergoing surgery for a procedure and the surgeon must stitch up the organ or wound at the end.
Effective sutures will help to keep the wound from becoming infected, as well as help to speed healing, and minimize any future tissue damage. The final result will be the patient recovering much faster as they had the proper medical care.
What Types of Ethicon Surgical Sutures Are Available?
There is a wide range of quality Ethicon sutures for sale at cheap prices, but some are utilised more frequently than other types.
A popular type of Ethicon wound closure is the Ethicon Monocryl Plus type. This falls under the antibacterial types of sutures which actually resists harmful bacteria from forming in the repaired wound.
Healing Times Based on Tissue Type

Sutures speed up healing of wounds or surgical incisions as they help to protect the cut and surrounding tissue.
But the deeper the wound, the need for different types of sutures. For example, a skin wound generally takes 5 to 7 days to heal, while an organ may take a month or more.
Different types of sutures are required for different wounds, as well as whether the wound is internal or external. Dissolvable Ethicon sutures can be used where it may be difficult to remove the suture at a later date.
UK Ethicon Suture Needles

Sutures work with special Ethicon suture needles, so Ethicon also has a full line of needles too. This company makes the claim that they make the strongest suture needle alloys ever, so that the needles will never break during the end of the surgical procedure, nor will they become corroded.

The sutures need a quality needle that has been made in the factory through grinding, and curving (the needles come in a curved shape for better threading through tissue), and are also tested in the lab before going to market.
These needles are also available in a wide range of sizes depending on a surgeon’s specific needs.
Your patients deserve the best medical care, and that includes having the correct needles and Ethicon Vicryl suture as well as other tools like our surgical staplers available in your medical cabinet.

Since Covid-19 became an epidemic it has been hard sourcing some products, especially healthcare supplies that are essential.

But it’s important to not only have the proper surgical sutures for your department, but to also have a wide range of sizes and types, to keep your surgical staff happy, and to prevent any delays in a patient’s surgery.

It’s important to have a secure and reliable way to purchase medical sutures for your surgical team and to receive your order promptly.

One of the best types of non absorbable sutures are the types manufactured by Ethicon. There are dozens of different suture options to purchase online for your department.

Who Is Ethicon?

Ethicon is the brand name of surgical suture products. They are a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and have been incorporated since 1949. 

The Ethicon company have been making surgical sutures and wound closure devices for doctors and hospitals for a long time. After WWII, the company flourished. Today, they hold a strong 80% of the market share of surgical sutures in the USA, and sell their products to 52 countries around the world.

Their surgical sutures fit into five different main categories for various types of sutures, including Ethilon, Gynecare, Moncryl, Prolene, and Vicryl.

Best Features of Non-Absorbable Sutures

One of the most commonly ordered types of surgical are the ethicon non absorbable sutures. These have many benefits for specific types of wounds that may take longer to heal.

The ethicon non absorbable sutures retain their tensile strength, even a week after insertion.

Since they are non-absorbable, they will not be prone to attracting harmful bacteria or micro-organisms that could cause infection in the tissue. It also offers low-tissue reactivity so the wound will heal quicker.

This type of suture is often uses for vascular surgery, as it it less likely that blood clots will form around the sutures holding the tissue together.

Where to Find Ethicon Vicryl Rapide Sutures

Ethicon vicryl rapide sutures are another popular type of surgical sutures. This type is in direct contrast to the non-absorbable sutures as listed above. The Vicryl Rapide is Ethicon’s absorbable types of suture.

It’s made from a synthetic suture material that quickly absorbs into tissue. It’s especially suitable for smaller wounds that need to be stitched up, but that will also heal quickly. Our medical sutures website has these types of sutures, as well as a full range of other types and sizes.

Benefits of Ethicon Prolene Sutures

Another type of surgical sutures that are often used to seal up wounds in patients are the Ethicon Prolene Sutures. This type of suture is made from polypropylene, a synthetic material.

It’s more common name is Prolene. This is a monofilament suture, a type that only consists of one strand, not several inter-woven together.

This type of suture is effective for use in wounds that will take a longer time to heal. If some additional surgery needs to be done on a wound that has become infected, this type of suture can be inserted to help heal infection.

It has a high tensile strength so it will last over two weeks without weakening. It’s simple to knot and has strong knot security. The patient won’t be returning to have the sutures fixed because they’ll remain strong and secure. This is also a non-absorbable type of suture, so it will not stick to tissue.

When the wound has fully healed, the doctor can easily pull the sutures out without any sticking.

Where Can I Shop Online for a Wide Range of Ethicon Sutures?

There are also dozens of other types of sutures manufactured by the Ethicon brand. It can be difficult to understand which type is best for which procedure, but your surgical team can inform you on what exactly to order.

The most common types of sutures that we listed above are ordered by hospitals, but it helps to have some of the less common types of sutures on hand because injuries and cardiovascular surgeries can require various different types.

Please browse our Medical Sutures UK website for a full line of Ethicon surgical sutures on order.

Where to Get Affordable Ethicon Suture Prices at Wholesale Prices?

If you’ve ordered medical supplies in the past then you understand how expensive many of these surgical supplies are.

They are more than simply string that is made to hold wounds together. Each type of surgical suture has been carefully designed and then tested by scientists.

There are many different requirements for sutures depending on the types of wounds they hold together. Certain types must be non-absorbable, while others should be absorbable. Some offer wider thicknesses for extra strength. Some sutures must last for weeks, while others for only days.

This expertise doesn’t come cheap, as well as the lower demand for these products, when compared to disposable gloves or face masks, or other medical supplies that are in higher demand.

But the good news is that you can find more affordable suture prices by ordering from an online store provider of medical and surgical supplies, such as Medical Sutures UK.

Please check out our page today to check out our prices, and compare to where you’re currently ordering from. You may be able to save your department some cash, so you can focus better on staying within your budget.

If it’s important to your surgical department to find a reliable wholesale source of Ethicon sutures wholesale distributors, then please visit our Medical Sutures UK page.

We’ve been in business for many years, and continue to expand and add more surgical care and medical care products to our website each month.

We aim to be the most reliable source for all your medical suture needs, including affordable ethicon suture prices.

If your department is running low on various types of Ethicon UK surgical sutures, then head to our Medical Sutures website now to place your order.

Soon you’ll have a well-run surgical department that focuses on the needs of every patient.

Please browse our Medical Sutures website today for our wholesale range of Ethicon suture wound closure products including clean room disinfectants.

If you are looking for a wholesale distributor and supplier of Ethicon suture UK products we can help, ask us today.

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