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The Importance of a Sterile Work Environment Using Clean Room Disinfectants

Keeping an examination room, clinic or hospital waiting room, and operating room clean is important, but it’s also important to keep a sterile environment for those germs and microorganisms that can’t be seen.

Since hospital and clinical settings have a high-traffic area, patients can be exposed to more harmful germs than if they were at home.

For this reason, it’s important to keep a sterile work environment to prevent the transmission of germs, which could affect the health of patients or healthcare workers.

Best Clean Room Disinfectants

Healthcare settings need more than your average household cleansers. They need to utilise cleansers that have been approved for medical settings.

These cleansers need to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms that can affect the health of patients, or cause serious infections in wounds.

Special clean room disinfectants need to be used after each patient has visited the facility, and that includes anything they may have touched, including chair, table, sink, medical instruments, and more.

There are a couple of clean room disinfectants that have been proven to be helpful that we can mention here.

Contec Procholor Cleanser

Contect Procholor Cleanser comes in a large 5 litre bottles, in cases of two. This can be poured into spray bottles to make application much easier for surfaces.

The screw cap at the top can easily be removed while wearing gloves. The large size gives you plenty of cleanser to clean surfaces for a longer duration than if you bought individual smaller bottles, and is also more cost-effective and easier to store.

Hypochlorous Acid for Cleaning

Hypochlorous acid for cleaning is another option when you need smaller spray bottles for different rooms in the clinic or hospital. These come in a case of 6 and are 1 litre each.

You can re-use the bottles once the contents are gone, and refill them with the 5-litre bottle as needed. Having smaller spray bottles will allow for much simpler application than if you tried to directly apply the cleanser to surfaces with the bigger 5 litre bottle.

 A spray bottle will allow the medical professional to more easily control where they are spraying, allowing a more economical and effective use of the spray cleanser. It will also be much easier to hold in the hand than trying to control the stream of cleanser from the much larger 5 litre bottle.

If you’re searching for an easier way to shop for clean room disinfectant, then shop online at our Medical Sutures website. We have more than medical sutures and surgical supplies, we have a wide range of medical and cleaning supplies too.

You can shop in one spot, and if you’re located within the UK, have your order delivered within the week.

Now your busy staff can focus on more important matters in the medical office or hospital, and the doctors and surgeons will feel happy and relieved that their patients will get the best care possible.