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Benefits of Quality Prolene Sutures

Sutures have evolved greatly over the past 100 years, when any type of thread at hand was utilised by a surgeon to connect injured tissue back together again.

Today, there are hundreds of options available. Prolene sutures is a useful option for certain types of injuries, or when reconnecting tissue together after a surgical procedure.

Let’s examine the benefits to see if this option is the best one for your surgical needs.

What Are Prolene Medical Sutures Made from?

Prolene isn’t in reference to the manufacturer who made the medical sutures, rather it is the prolene suture material it is made out of. Prolene is a synthetic or manmade material.

It is monofilament, meaning it has only one string, which is beneficial, as separate strings won’t catch and pull apart the wound. It’s made out out of polypropylene material, much like a type of plastic.

This type of suture is beneficial for soft tissues, both internal and external. Its colour is blue, unlike other suture materials that are often translucent or white in colour.

Benefits of Blue Prolene Sutures

The prolene blue monofilament has many benefits over other types of sutures. This type of suture is narrower or thinner than other types, making it suitable for smaller wounds.

The prolene sutures are best used for internal wounds, such as when a surgeon must repair a hernia or other types of injuries to the fascia. This type of suture is commonly used in human and veterinary medicine for skin wound closures.

It’s also suitable for repairing the heart, the eyes, and nerves, or other types of intricate surgeries.

The prolene sutures are meant to be permanent internally, so are suitable when additional strength is needed internally. This type of material is meant for long-term dermal support.

It does not absorb into the surrounding tissues. As the wounds heal, the suture may become slightly loose, which is normal. If meant for external use, the sutures can easily be removed.

If for internal use, the sutures can stay inside the body without providing any harm or effect, except in rare instances where they may need to be removed.

Facial cosmetic surgery offers another need for prolene sutures, as its fine materials will cause less damage to the facial tissue. A finer suture material is easier to use to sew two sides of the tissue back together for a cosmetic procedure, or for a procedure to fix an injury.

The narrow prolene monofilament is also easier to remove once the wound has healed, and is less likely to leave any permanent scarring.

Another great benefit of the prolene sutures is that it is good to use in patients who may have experienced an allergic reaction to sutures in the past.

This type of prolene sutures has a low reactivity rate, making chances for a bad reaction less, as well as preventing any sort of infection.

Who Manufactures the Prolene Sutures?

Prolene is the name of the type of sutures. Prolene sutures are made by Ethicon, Inc., so look for that brand name on the box when you shop.

This brand is a subsidiary of the popular Johnson & Johnson company. These sutures are manufactured in Cornelia, Georgia, USA.

Benefits of the Blue Monofilament Prolene Sutures

Some types of wounds can be tricky, and it can be harder for the surgeon to see where to install the sutures. Since the prolene sutures are blue in colour, this enables the surgeon to better see what they are working with, and to ensure that the suture is installed in the right position beside the wound. The blue colour is also beneficial in the smaller prolene suture sizes which can be much harder to see.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Prolene?

There are, but only in relation to the specific type of wounds that a surgeon may have to utilise during surgery.

For example, since the prolene sutures are narrow or fine, they won’t be as strong or durable as other types of sutures that are used externally, as these are better for internal usage.

They also have a high elasticity, though this is beneficial for parts of the body that need a full range of movement.

The other issue maybe they’re highly expensive, so if you’re a supplies buyer for a hospital, you’ll want to find affordable prolene suture prices.

There are different prolene suture sizes so you can use the proper type for a specific wound.

Where Can I Find Good Prolene Suture Prices?

If you’re shopping for hospital supplies for the upcoming weeks then you can find everything you need here on our Medical Sutures website. We try to keep prices reasonable for surgery, as we know medical costs can be quite expensive.

If you’re curious, this is because medical supplies aren’t in as high of a demand as say, medical masks or gloves, so they can’t be mass-produced and sold to the general population.

It costs money to develop perfect surgical supplies, and to create one-time usage of many of these disposable medical supplies. Please visit our website today to see everything we have on offer.

Different types of Prolene Suture are:

prolene suture 1-0

3-0 prolene

prolene mesh 30 x 30

prolene 4.0 suture

prolene 3.0

40 prolene

ethicon prolene suture

5-0 prolene suture double armed

2-0 prolene suture

ethicon prolene suture 6-0

ethicon prolene suture 7.0

Prolene sutures are the best choice for many types of surgical procedures. It’s best to stock up at your hospital so you can avoid having the surgeons become disappointed when they run out and they have to use another type.

Cheap prolene sutures can be tricky to find online, so please visit our Medical Sutures UK website for fair suture pricing.

You’ll want to stock up, because most hospitals are back to their regularly scheduled surgical practices as Covid-19 is easing up on the burden of hospitals.

Besides searching for cheap prolene sutures, we also have a wide range of other suture materials for every type of wound or surgical procedure, as well as various types of medical instruments and medical supplies.

You can stock up on everything you need for hospital supplies so you can maintain a well-functioning hospital.

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