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Medical Scrub Hats

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Many areas of healthcare require staff to wear medical hats or surgical caps of some kind for infection control and surgical hygiene reasons.

Scrub hats are widely worn in UK operating theatres by both medical and non-medical staff alike. Doctors and nurses directly involved in the operation are required to wear scrub caps when scrubbed, but you may find it is considered good practice for support staff such as radiographers taking x-rays and procurement team members delivering kits to also don a set of scrubs including a scrub hat before entering an active theatre area.

Medical scrub hats are also favoured by some dentists and veterinarians for their ease of use and the ability to keep hair out of the faces of staff and patients alike.

Our scrub caps are 100% cotton, one size and adjustable using a simple tie at the back. They are available in many of the same funky and fresh designs which grace our scrub tops, with a plain royal blue version for those days when nothing matches.

You can choose to match or clash with your scrub top, depending on your mood. Just as with all our healthcare clothing, our scrub hats are designed to be worn once and washed after each use.

They are suitable for industrial or domestic laundry, and will stand up to repeated wearing and washing without fading or losing their shape.

Whatever your dress code, we have the  theatre scrub caps to suit.