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Our 100% cotton scrub trousers are available in a choice of seven plain colours including,Navy Blue ,Green, Black,Yellow and Red, and our range of scrub trousers fully complement our range of specially designed and vibrantly patterned scrub tops.

There are 4 unisex sizes and all have an elasticated drawstring waist for comfort as well as side pockets. Like the scrub tops, the scrub trousers are suitable for industrial laundering as well as domestic machine washing.

If you’re provided with scrub uniform by your workplace, they will often be washed by the onsite laundry as well, which means you can simply pick up a new set every day and put them in the dirty laundry hamper at the end of the shift.

Unisex scrubs pants and tops are much more widely available in the UK than bespoke mens or women’s scrub trousers.

The only variation is the size. This makes uniform ordering and supply easier. 100% cotton scrub trousers are cool and comfortable as well as practical and hard wearing.

They’re not high fashion items, but their loose fit suits all shapes and sizes and allows easy movement. Comfort is key if you’re on your feet all day, as you’ll probably agree.

The no-fuss design of scrub trousers is designed to minimise the spread of infection. Their simplicity means you can easily change them mid-shift if needed.

These non-surgical scrubs are often more brightly coloured than those worn by theatre staff, in order to bring a touch of colour to patients’ days.

Whatever your dress code, we have the scrub trousers to suit you.