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Scrubs are versatile, easy care and tough.

Our 100% cotton scrub tops are also colourful. Designed specifically for us, they are ideal for anyone involved in treating babies or children as they can distract anxious or unhappy youngsters.

Wearing our colourful cotton scrubs you can help you show a bit of your character at work too. Scrub tops are becoming more popular in the UK for all healthcare staff especially women  who are still the majority of nurses, due to their versatility and durability.

Scrubs are suitable for many hospital departments where they may need to be changed quickly or where you need freedom of movement to help patients on and off beds or couches regularly. They are popular among accident and emergency staff, x-ray and imaging teams, Pediatric nurses and midwives.

A highly patterned scrub top adds a touch of colour to a hospital ward or dentist’s surgery, which can be a frightening place for many people.

You and your team can celebrate Halloween or Christmas with matching scrub tops, or show your individuality with popular themes such as cartoon characters, jungle prints or animals.

Our unisex men's and women's scrub tops, are suitable for either industrial laundry or home washing. They are designed to be worn and washed daily and dry quickly. They do not necessarily need ironing although they can be ironed if you or your hospital laundry prefers.

Whatever your dress code, we have the scrub tops UK to suit.